Virtual Sole Runner Marathon and Half Marathon Training

On-line Sole Runner Marathon & Half Marathon Training – Limited to 50 Runners

I’m only accepting only 50 marathoners or half marathoners right now. I will conduct a phone phone interview of each interested participant, to make sure you have enough time to successfully train, and to talk about what it will take you to get you ready for your race. Below is a list of what you get as you train for the marathon of your choice.

Sole Runners Marathon/Half Marathon On-line Coaching is only $97

Here’s what you get:

  • On-line training schedule including daily workouts 16 to 21 weeks depending on how much time you have before your race
  • Monthly telephone coaching session with Coach Steve (1 per month)
  • Weekly e-mail coaching updates and goal setting
  • Weekly training articles, audio, and video training tools
  • Technical running shirt
  • Sponsor discounts

I specialize in working with beginner and intermediate level runners. The first goal is to get you across the finish line safely as fast as you can. If you are a more seasoned runner, my goal is to help you get faster without injury, so you can run for a new PR (personal record)

What sets this program apart from other on-line programs is that you actually get to interact with a coach. Most training programs are just a schedule, and this program has a schedule but you get to discuss your training with me and we can make the appropriate changes when needed.

This is why I am only taking 50 people right now. I deal directly with you .  I want to assure quality. I want you to make sure you get the best results.

To sign up, please contact or call me at 818-414-9181